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Whilst on holiday with friends in Cyprus this year I was persuaded to go to the driving range as the hotel complex apparently had an excellent golf course.  After one hour of not hitting a ball I decided it may be fun to have a few lessons when I got home and to see if I could actually hit the ball!


I spoke to Katie after she was recommended by Mendip Springs.  We arranged my first lesson and I committed to six one hour private lessons with her. I was extremely nervous before my first lesson but Katie was brilliant.  We went to the driving range and remarkably, after a few wise words from Katie I actually hit the ball.  After one hour I was hitting a ball and some of them were even straight!  Lessons 2 and 3 were learning the basics and in lesson 4 we did three holes from the 9 hole course.  I could not believe that I was actually on a golf course and understanding what I should be doing.  Lesson 5 we did four holes and in my final lesson we did all nine holes!!  It was amazing, I had actually completed a nine hole round of golf with a pro golfer!!  


Katie is a great teacher. Her approach has made it easy for me to understand the basics and make decisions on each stage on the course as I went round.  She has a supportive and friendly approach that makes you at ease.  Katie has the ability to break down the intricacies of the game into simple actions that I could understand. I am of course still a beginner but I had my first round of golf with my husband a few weeks ago and it was amazing to be able to go round with the confidence that Katie has given me.


I would recommend Katie to anyone.  She was amazing!  Her enthusiasm and love for the game are infectious.


Andrea, Yatton.

“After 20 years of erratic ball striking my golf has been transformed…

It is now a pleasure to play rather than the frustrating rounds I've suffered for years. Katie is a brilliant teacher/coach”

Mike Sambourne 

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