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Choose Your Plan

  • 3 Hour Golf Package

    Back by popular demand!
    Valid for 6 months
    • This flexible package is perfect if you would like either:
    • 3 x 60 minute lessons
    • 9 hole playing lesson and a 60 minute lesson
    • 1x on course session, 1x short game and 1x swing analysis
    • Trackman available

    Non golfer to golfer in just 6 sessions
    Valid for 12 months
    • Learn the key swing fundamentals
    • Learn how to play bunker shots, pitch, chip and putt
    • Learn how to drive the ball
    • Learn how to manage your way around the golf course
    • Learn the rules and etiquette
    • Learn the golf terminology
    • Learn how to score
  • Psychology Plan

    Linking the mental game to your golf performance.
    Valid for one year
    • 3 x 60 Minute Lessons.
    • Improve your confidence on the course.
    • Link your mental game to your performance.
    • Follow up reviews and plans.
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