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Golf Coaching Psychology 

What if we could put a plan together which improves our golf, our mind and our overall performance? 

Now you can 

Improve your swing and improve your confidence all at the same time! 

To be the best doesn't always happen overnight, but my putting strategic plans together improving your golf and improving your mindset, I can guarantee that you will lower your scores, benefit from practise and feel much happier on the golf course. 

How does it work? 

We will put together a plan which combines mindset and golf coaching so that you can achieve your goal.

1. What's your goals? Decide whether it is a 1 , 3 or a 6 month goal?

(Prices differ)

2. Talk to Katie... Using the contact form below email me a couple dates when you would be free to talk. (Over the phone or on Skype).

3. *Optional* Whether it is now or after we talk,  record your swing,  use the File upload forum and send me your swing. Your swing/ game will be reviewed weekly for each plan to ensure you we fulfil your goals

3. Select your plan and click the "Buy Now" Button below. 


Contact Katie 

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Play Golf Happy Again

Lower your Scores

Improve your Confidence 

Benefit from Practise 

Witness Improvement 

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