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I offer a wide variety of golf lessons tailored to help you make the most out of every lesson. I offer lessons for all abilities from complete beginners to professionals. Lessons in person can be held either on the driving range, short game practice area or on the golf course. 

"Katie is a great teacher. Her approach has made it easy for me to understand the basics and make decisions at each stage on the course

Andrea, Yatton


Lessons on the driving range are coached with the worlds number 1 launch monitor, TRACKMAN. This is a perfect way to understand your golf swing and improve your game. As they say "No guess work is involved". Book a trackman analysis here 

On course lessons 

Coaching on the golf course is great to help with course management and confidence. Learn what club to use and where to hit your golf shots. Get the best advice in a real situation. To book an on course lesson please click here. 

Learn Golf 

Katie has a 6 lesson package available for anyone who has never played golf before! You will become a confident golfer in just 6 lessons! With this intensive course you will learn how to play on the golf course,learn all the basics and understand the rules of the game. I will guide you through each step. By the last lesson you will be able to go out and play the golf course independently or with your golfing friends! Start your golfing journey today and Book now!

Short Game 

Need help around the greens? Bunker, chipping, pitching, flopping lessons are available too! You can book 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or book the short game package! View here.

"After 20 years of erratic ball striking my golf has been's now a pleasure to play rather than frustrating rounds I've suffered for years. Katie is a brilliant teacher/coach. 

Mike Sambourne, Devon

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