Do you zone out after 9 holes?

Ever just found yourself zoned out on the golf course?  Double bogey after double bogey? Suddenly scoring a par or a net par becomes difficult.... know the feeling? I do! 

So as I wait for the dinner to cook on a Saturday evening I reflect back on my 36 holes in the Women’s PGA Championship yesterday at Trentham Golf Club. Really solid first round ... with contention for a good position on the leaderboard and feeling good going into the second round. 

I started with a double on the first from an unlucky bounce of the drive... I then found myself 6 over par after 9 holes (near enough a competition worst) and now miles away from the leading score. I never give up so I had to pull it together going into a really tough back 9. My back 9 was one of my best! 

What did I do to come back strong? 

I had my Dad on the bag and he turned to me and said “okay Katie lets play a different game... your not going to take any money away today so I will challenge you to win something.   £1 for a par £2 for a birdie and  £10 for an eagle” in the next 9 holes I would’ve won £11!

Sometimes we just need to stop thinking about the circumstances, the competition or the score and just go out there and play. For me I felt like I was 14 again trying to get as many pennies I could off my dad. You start to suddenly think I need this putt for  £1 rather than saving par and saving my position in the tournament. 

In the end I finished 15th in the tournament. 

So here’s my advice for anyone who’s trying to get back on track mid round...

  1. Play a different game - make par or net par to earn a square of chocolate perhaps?

  2. Start again - you may be mid round but start your score again. Forget about your previous 9. Let’s go from now! 

  3. We always get there in the end ,so stay positive - you never know when you could suddenly hole a shot from nowhere or encounter an eagle! 

Happy golfing 


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