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My 3 tips on hitting more fairways!

It’s crazy isn’t it ... how suddenly a slice or hook shot can suddenly enter our game mid way round?! How does it get there? More importantly... How do we get rid of it?

We know our swing is made up of fractions. So self diagnosing our swing mid round could be very difficult and could easily make things worse. On the other hand, if we contiue playing with a slice or hook this could also mess with our score!

We’ve all been there! I’ve definitely been in this situation and believe me I know it’s not ideal... Especially in a tournament round!

So here’s my 3 tips on how to deal with these destructive shots mid round....

1. Adopt half a swing

This will keep your swing under control and you’ll be limiting a lot of movements which could help prevent the hook or slice. Plus it should slow your swing down which will help keep your ball in play.

Half swing

2. Shoulder alignment

We tend to swing along the line of our shoulders! Make sure your shoulder line is running parallel with your target. If you find your shoulders are facing left or right this could easily cause a destructive shot. Pros tip - Changing your feet alignment to compensate for your destructive shot could make things a lot worse!

Shoulder alignment

3. Tee it low

If I’m ever struggling off the tee or getting a bit nervous, my go to safe shot is teeing the ball low! Usually a golfers bad shot off the tee is when the club travels down too steep. So by teeing it low can help stop this and help straighten your drives.

Tee it low

Give these three tips a try and let me know how you get on.

Happy Golfing,



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