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Confident Nerves

Struggling with competition nerves? Know you can score under your handicap but can't do it in a competition? Keep on reading to gain some advice on how to keep a cool head in a competition and

lower your scores.

When growing up I was always told by my coach that 'if you're nervous, you play better.' I always used to wonder why? Why does it make me play better golf? He said 'Its the feeling of knowing that you really want to win...'

Confidence... How do we gain Confidence? Feeling good on the first tee is very important for your round of golf. But how do we get it? Rather than over thinking too much about your round ahead try relaxing a little more. Why not listen to your favourite album whilst warming up? Or read an all time famous golf quote for inspiration… “Forget your opponents always play against par” - Sam Snead. How about taking a minute for yourself and just think about your best ever golf shot... How did you feel? Where was it? What happened? You CAN perform it again.

When I was in Scotland for a competition I was playing alongside a fellow lady professional and on every glove she had the same two words for confidence ... Alignment. Rhythm. For me on-looking those two words were her game, her focus point, her concentration, her winning method.

Another confidence boost is to feel comfortable with what you're wearing. If you've just bought the latest pair of golf shoes or tee shirt that everyone is wearing on tour, then you feel like a tour player. Put on that lucky colour or item and believe you can.

Always try to find the positives in every thing you do in a round of golf, even if you didn't hit your best shot try and think about something that you did well. Did you set up correctly. Did you do a good takeaway. Was your thought process good. Negatives equals nerves - the less negatives the better. Try it first in a friendly competition and I think you'd be surprised on how refreshing you will feel about your game. When you hit a good shot make sure you reward yourself, tell yourself it was a good shot or have a gesture that shows you were happy with it ... maybe an all famous Ian Poulter fist pump?

Lets wash away those bad nerves and get the adrenaline pumping for an exciting round of golf.

Happy Golfing


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