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New Year, New Golf, New Me

I would just like to say Happy New Year to everyone and I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2017.

Starting the new year is a fresh start for everyones golf. I enjoy reflecting on 2016 golf season. I look at my highlights and strengths from the year and I also look for what could be improved and strengthened. This helps me prepare and plan successfully for this years golfing season.

If you would like to achieve the best for your golf this year take a read below and understand what you could do to prepare yourself for your best and happiest season yet.

1. Overall Goal

If I asked you "by the end of 2017 golf season, what is the one goal you would like to achieve"... what would you say?

Would it be to achieve a certain handicap?

Win a certain competition?

Improve an area of your game?

Feel confident within yourself and a variety of shots?

Meet a new circle of golfing friends?

Or even take up the game ...

By doing this you are automatically identifying your strengths and weaknesses of your golf game and reflecting on your previous golf season.

2. How do I achieve my goal?

Sometimes our goals get given the back push as we can forget about them or sometimes they turn into a one week thing. What if it became a ten month thing? What if you worked out an actual plan that would help you achieve your goal? What if you treated it like a routine, better again ... a ritual? Imagine your golf and imagine the new golfing you.

Working out a plan doesn't mean it has to be full on. You have to ensure that you allow for other parts of your life such as work, family, hobbies and rest. But you can dedicate a time for your golf. By doing this you may find that you start to focus better as it is your allocated time for golf with no other distractions. You could start your golf schedule small and slowly build it up. You may even decide to get someone to help you like a pro or a practice partner. Work out your very own plan and time schedule that could help you achieve your goal.

For example if your goal was to hole more 6ft putts, you may decide to practice this part of your game for twenty minutes, three times a week and seek professional help for technique and drills once a month.

If your goal was to win your clubs scratch/handicap open, you may decide you need match practice and with this you can easily record your scores and statistics from each round. This may also lead to improving a certain area of your game.

3. Reflect

After a dedicated amount of practice you should reflect on how it is going. Different ways to monitor your practice is by playing in club competitions, setting up your very own pressure situation game and try to beat your previous scores or even see and witness the progress on stats such as Trackman . You can adjust your plan accordingly along the way to ensure you are achieving the best for your game.

Give it a go, reflect on your golfing year of 2016, set a new golfing goal, work out a plan and review it along the way. It could be your best golfing year yet.

Happy Golfing


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